WH welded steel chains

the most powerful chains for the most heavy-duty applications

RETEZY VAMBERK offers some of the most powerful welded steel WH chains in the industry.

WH welded steel chains are the right choice in material handling for the most heavy-duty applications.

Our customers know that our WH welded chains provide superior breaking load, long life and trouble-free operation. Maximizing the life time of WH chains is achieved through superior raw materials and proper heat treatment. A key factor leading to the long service life of RETEZY VAMBERK WH welded steel chains is also their excellent fatigue resistance.

Válečkový řetěz s bočním průhybem

Another key factor ensuring maximum breaking load of RETEZY VAMBERK welded steel WH chain is proper welding. Improper inspection and procedures can lead to failures around the weld. Our company uses the latest technology in process and quality control. RETEZY VAMBERK welded steel WH chains are tested regularly during the manufacturing process to ensure high quality welds.

In our production range you will find a wide variety of types of WH welded steel chains, as well as welded attachments. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information.

The most often produced types of WH welded steel chains

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