Floor chains

For extreme performance in the wood, paper and mining industries

ŘETĚZY VAMBERK company developed a brand new line of floor conveyor chains which are a combination of the round steel chain and the conveyor chain to allow easy replacement for the original chains.

As compared with the competitive chains, the main difference consists in the application of special structural steel to make the chain links and the round steel links. This steel significantly enhances chain resistance to wear, guarantees easy weldability of the chain, as well as trouble-free chain operation even at very low temperatures in wintertime in Northern Europe, Siberia and Canada.

Why just this chain?

The floor conveyor chain once served generally as chain for sawmills. The chain design is very simple and easy to repair, and therefore also relatively cheap. The floor conveyor chain features excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions and there is no problem with dirt settling as it is in standard conveyor chains. Functionality and lifetime of the chain are outstanding.

  • Breaking load higher by up to 30 per cent as compared to competitive products
  • Prolonged lifetime by up to 30 per cent thank to the above mentioned modifications
Válečkový řetěz s bočním průhybem


  • Increased wear resistance
  • Higher breaking load
  • Excellent weldability
  • Ability to work at very low temperatures
  • Lower costs due to longer chain life


  • Extended chain life
  • Higher transport capacity
  • Easy welding of the attachments
  • Large range of applications
  • Lower maintenance costs

Areas of application:

  • Wood and paper industry
  • Mining industry

The most often manufactured types of floor chains

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