Manufacturing the Roller Chains, Conveyor Chains and Special Chains and Sprockets

The ŘETĚZY VAMBERK company is one of the largest manufacturers of chains and sprockets in Central Europe. We manufacture roller chains, conveyor roller chains, leaf chains, bush chains, Gall´s chains, conveyor chains, rotary chains and special chains, as well as the agricultural chains, chains for bakeries, chains for insulation material industry, overhead conveyor chains, chains for wood and paper industry and for a number of other applications in all industrial sectors. Our product range also includes the sprockets supplied to all chain types.

Roller Chains

The ŘETĚZY VAMBERK company offers a full range of roller chains of all dimensions (pursuant to the DIN, ISO, ČSN, ANSI and GOST standards) and versions (zinc plating version, nickel plating version and stainless steel version). Exact manufacturing on modern equipment, top-quality materials applied and the correct heat treatment guarantee high resistance to wear and dynamic load. We shall gladly meet any customer requirements for design, dimensions, raw material, lubrication, heat and surface treatment of the chains and sprockets. Therefore, you can find a number of roller chains to your specific requirements within our product range - referred to as the roller chains to works standard.

Conveyor Chains

The conveyor chains manufacturing is the major part of our production schedule. ŘETĚZY VAMBERK produces and supplies full range of the standard conveyor chains FV to DIN 8165, M to DIN 8167, ISO 1977 and ČSN 26 0401, SMS to the Swedish standard SMS 1698 and BS to the British standard BS 4116/4. We would like to emphasize that our company develops and manufactures also the special conveyor chains of all possible construction designs and dimensions, intended for all industrial sectors and application purposes.

Being a manufacturer of top-quality products, we make sure that all components and the entire conveyor chain including the sprockets meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Special Chains

As a designer and manufacturer of special chains and sprockets, ŘETĚZY VAMBERK meets the specific customer requirements and always seeks to propose the best individual solution.

We shall gladly meet any customer requirements for design, dimensions, raw material, lubrication, heat and surface treatment of chains and sprockets.

You can find the examples of some special chains in our catalogue.


Sprockets / wheels form an integral part of the chain transmission and are therefore one of the most important factors related to its proper function and long service life.

ŘETĚZY VAMBERK delivers sprockets / wheels with all its chains. We offer sprockets / wheels with teeth in accordance with the ČSN/DIN/ISO/ANSI standards as well as sprockets with optimized teeth shapes. The sprockets/ wheels are manufactured from high quality materials and can be supplied without heat treatment, heat-treated or with induction hardened teeth upon request.

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