Production of chains and sprockets

The ŘETĚZY VAMBERK company is one of the largest manufacturers of chains and sprockets in Europe. We manufacture roller chains, roller chains with attachments, leaf chains, bush chains, Gall´s chains, conveyor chains, rotary chains and special chains, as well as the agricultural chains, chains for bakeries, chains for insulation material industry, overhead conveyor chains, chains for wood and paper industry and for a number of other applications in all industrial sectors. Our product range also includes the sprockets supplied to all chain types.

Roller chains

A complete range of roller chains in all dimensions (according to DIN, ISO, ČSN, ANSI and GOST) and versions ( zinc plated, nickel plated, stainless steel).

Roller chains with attachments

Roller chains with attachments in a wide range and in stock. On request, any shape, size and arrangement of attachments. Also available in the WAX version.

Roller chains with toothed/sharp top plates

Roller chains with toothed plates are manufactured mainly for the wood and paper industry. Any shape and size on request. Also available in WAX and/or with solid bushes.

Conveyor chains

Conveyor chains in the complete range of chains FV according to DIN 8165, M according to DIN 8167, ISO 1977, CSN 26 04 01 and GOST 588, SMS according to Swedish standard SMS 1698 and BS according to BS 41116/4.

Conveyor chains with attachments

Conveyor chains FV, M, SMS and BS with attachments in a wide range. On request, any shape, size and arrangement of attachments. Attachments either welded or bended. Also in WAX version.

Scraper chains

Scraper chains FV, M, SMS and BS in all sizes. Welded or bended versions on request. Various materials including stainless steel. Also in sets with crossbars or plastic wipers.

Forged chains

Forged chains are characterized by high quality forgings, first-class heat treatment and in-house KNOW-HOW welding. All of this guarantees an average of 30% higher chain breaking load compared to the competition.


We also supply sprockets for all chains. Natural, hardened or induction hardened sprocket teeth according to your requirements. A wide range of sprockets in stock.

Leaf chains

Leaf chains according to international standards ISO 4347, DIN 8152, ANSI B 29.8 (types BL- LH - AL) in various lacing. Suitable for industrial and forklift trucks and lifting equipment.

Overhead conveyor chains

We will manufacture chains for overhead conveyors according to your requirements for design, dimensions, materials, lubrication, heat treatment and surface treatment with bearings of your choice.

Gall and bush chains

Gall´s chains according to DIN 8150, CSN 02 33 30 and GOST 191-63, draw bench chains according to DIN 8156 and DIN 8157 and chains for water works. Bush chains to DIN 8164, CSN 02 33 29 and GOST 13568-68.

Rotary drive chains

We offer a wide range of rotary chains according to DIN 8182 and ANSI mainly for drying and mixing drum drives.

WH welded steel chains

WH welded chains have offset side plates and circumferentially welded bushes. The pin is a high interference fit into the plate and then welded. These welded WH chains are guaranteed for maximum tensile strength and excellent shock resistance.

Floor chains

ŘETĚZY VAMBERK floor chains are a combination of a link chain and a conveyor chain. Floor chains are used in the timber industry.

Special conveyor chains

Special chains represent the largest part of our production. We shall gladly meet your requirements for design, dimensions, raw materials, lubrication, heat and surface treatment of chains.

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