Trouble-free chain transmission operation

General principles for correct function of the chain transmission

If the below principles are consistently observed, trouble-free operation and long service life of the chain transmission can be guaranteed.

Main principles:

  • The shafts should be dimensioned in such a way that no transmission vibration occurs.
  • Sprockets and wheels should be mounted in alignment and axes of the shafts must be installed in alignment, too. In the event of wrong installation, the chain is stressed not only by tensile force but by bending force as well which reduces the chain service life.
  • The design of the chain transmission should guarantee that the upper strand of the chain is the pulling one and the lower strand is free. The chain should never be tightened too much, but a small slack should be present.
  • After installing a new chain, a several days´ run-in is recommended for its length to settle and not to stretch out during the operation.
  • A small sprocket / wheel with odd number of teeth shall be used to achieve uniform wear.
  • Every chain is thoroughly lubricated in the ŘETĚZY VAMBERK plant and preserved at the same time but it should be regularly lubricated during its future operation. Insufficient lubrication is the most frequent cause of excessive elongation and reduced service life of the chain.

Service life of friction surfaces can be increased through perfect lubrication.

  • Perfect cleaning and lubrication are the basic conditions for the chain to function and operate correctly. Any lubrication loses its efficiency if the chain was not properly cleaned before.
  • Connecting links and chain attachments are exposed to excessive wear and thus regular check should be made.
  • Never install a new chain on worn sprockets or wheels as they will get worn earlier.
  • The chain must be replaced if its elongation is higher than 2 per cent of the length measured.


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