ROTARY chains and bush conveyor chains

ŘETĚZY VAMBERK is one of the few worldwide manufacturers of these specific products. We can offer the top-quality products thanks to our long-term experience and our own manufacturing and designing KNOW-HOW.

These chains are in particular applied for the drives of the drying and mixing drums in the mining industry, in the manufacturing of fertilizers and asphalt, in the wood-working industry and for cement production.

The huge advantage of these chains consists in their high resistance to dynamic load, but in particular in the lower acquisition cost as compared with the classic transmissions and lower maintenance costs. We also need to mention that the chain is better to adapt to drum ovality and its alignment with the chain and to thermal expansivity of the drum.

Thanks to its high resistance to shock loads and resistance to wear, the bush conveyor chains are used in particular in the mining industry and in asphalt production as conveyors.

The above mentioned chains are delivered with chain pitch ranging from 66.3 mm (2.610 inch) to 152.4 mm (6.000 inch).

Rotary chains to DIN 8182, ANSI API

Bush conveyor chains with attachments

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